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Pet Skin Products

  • Dr Zoo Cattle Dog

    Dr Zoo Cattle Dog
    The ‘purrfect’ playmate! A great addition to a gift, or a playtime companion for your furry baby or ‘hooman’ baby.
  • Bamboo Grooming Brush

    Bamboo Grooming Brush

    Two sided brush created to give a flawless look to your pet’s fur.

  • Summer Lov’n Pack

    Summer Lov’n Pack

    Everything your pet needs to enjoy the great outdoors, and keep them looking and smelling fresh.

  • Tame the Mane Grooming Cream 200ml

    Tame the Mane Grooming Cream 200ml

    Specifically formulated to detangle and condition pet’s fur with natural and moisturising ingredients.

  • Ditch the Itch Pack

    Ditch the Itch Pack

    Everything your itchy pet needs: a calming bath, a conditioned coat and moisturised skin.

    Out of stock

  • Natural Zinc-Free Sun Cream 120g

    Natural Zinc-Free Sun Cream 120g

    Natural sun protection for pets. Zinc-free as Zinc is toxic for dogs when ingested in large amounts.

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