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  • 01 Mar 2018

    Ears... the good, the bad and the mucky..

    It is likely that if you own a dog you have seen them scratching at their ears, but when is it just an itch and when do you need to take them to the vet? 1. If your dog has been swimming or had a recent bath and for the days after he continually shakes his head, then its time to visit the vet. 2. You notice a bad smell from either ear. 3. The underside of one pinnae (the ear flap) appears red...

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  • 24 Jan 2018

    Why does my pet itch?

    Living on the east coast of Australia, a lot of us are familiar with this question. Does your dog keep you up at night constantly scratching or gnawing at his paws? Does your cat over groom herself and lick until bald patches appear on her belly? Itching is a very common symptom that we see our patients suffering from every day. My summary starts to scratch the surface on the most common reason ...

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