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  • 03 Aug 2017

    Road trips with your Pet

    There’s nothing more exciting than a road trip. You get to explore new places, listen to good music, try that coffee place you saw on Instagram and if you add your pet to the equation everything gets a lot better. But, do you know what you should pack for them? To ensure a pleasant trip for everyone involved, we’ve put together some tips for helping your pet have a safe trip in the car...

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  • 23 Jun 2017

    5 tips to take care of your pet paws

    Your pet paws are as delicate as your feet. Like ours, they need to be taken care of and pampered. You wouldn’t walk across a hot parking lot or a snow covered field without the proper protection, the same applies for your pooch. Paws pads need attention and care and you should always be aware of the nail length, cracked pads and of objects stuck in between paw pads. We have compiled a few ...

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